Welcome to the Faculty of Science Strategic Planning Blog

Welcome to the Faculty of Science Strategic Planning Blog

Thank you for visiting our blog. The Faculty of Science at the University of Alberta is developing a new five-year strategic plan. We need your help in creating a vision for the future. What should we be doing today to set the Faculty up for further success five years from now? Ten years from now? Let's be bold. Let's be creative. Let's create a plan that is challenging but realistic to achieve. Together we can chart a course that will engage our talented students, staff, and faculty members as we work to advance the frontiers of knowledge to the benefit of our community, province, country, and the world.

Please contribute your ideas and feedback. I hope to have all the input needed for the plan by the end of June, and then write the document over the summer.

Community Guidelines

The Faculty of Science at the University of Alberta offers with this blog an official forum in which science community members can engage in dialogue and/or debate about topics central to strategic planning and visioning for the Faculty of Science.

We are committed to the principles of free speech and of the academy as a place of reasoned debate; however, this site will not be a forum for personal attacks and offensive behaviour. Members of the university community—including staff, students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty—are governed by the university’s IT use policy and the pertinent conduct and ethical behaviour guidelines. All commenters, whether from inside or outside the university community, are expected to remain civil and collegial.

We want your thoughtful engagement, perspective, opinions and questions. Comments will be moderated regularly during business hours by members of the Faculty of Science staff to ensure they are not defamatory, otherwise violate the IT use or other university policies, or violate applicable laws.

The guidelines: 

  • Be civil.
  • Be relevant.
  • Don’t try to hijack the conversation to an unrelated pet topic.
  • Present your own opinion. 

Always avoid:
  • Racist, sexist, discriminatory and offensive language
  • Personal attacks and defamatory statements
  • Breaking copyright rules
  • Violating someone’s privacy
  • Threats
  • Posting in all CAPS (this is considered yelling in online speak)
  • Spam or using the forum for promotional purposes
If you violate these rules, your comment will not be posted.

How do I comment? 

You need only click on the “comment” link. You are not required to identify yourself in the name field. If you log-in with a google account, you have the option to delete your own posts, but otherwise your posts will not be deleted if you change your mind in the future.

Be aware that until the roll-out of the Google Apps for Education suite of tools across the campus, this blog is hosted on Google blog servers outside the university’s agreement with Google. As a result, it is the same as posting to any other externally-hosted website.

How are comments moderated? 

Comments are moderated before posting; they are read to ensure they adhere to the guidelines. We will post them as quickly as possible. We won’t edit your comments (any grammar and spelling errors will live on as your own).

What if a comment offends me?

The academy is the place for debate. You may not agree with someone’s viewpoint. You may find someone’s opinion to be offensive. Comments will not be censored for viewpoint, so if you disagree with a comment, that is your opportunity to respond and disagree or debate.

If you think a comment violates our guidelines, click on the “Contact us” link found at the bottom the page and explain your concern. We’ll investigate.

We look forward to receiving your comments.